Why use us for business bookkeeping?

There are plenty of excellent accountants and bookkeepers around. The problem is they offer very different services and most business owners need a combination of both, a hybrid. That’s exactly what we provide, with everything you need under one roof. We have specialist knowledge of VAT Schemes and import-export compliance. And we work for all sorts of small and medium-sized businesses, from taxi companies and drivers to auction houses, antique and second hand shops, charities, travel and event agents, importers and exporters. As a business owner you’re probably short on time and cash. Our bookkeeping service adds significant value through being able to deliver expert, affordable advice about every aspect of small business tax and VAT, whether it’s general accounting, dealing with HMRC, tax returns or anything else on our extensive list of services. No matter how large or complicated your business is, we’ll be your outsourced finance department.

What’s wrong with doing things the old way?

  • Because Chartered Accountants are so expensive the cost can be prohibitive, which discourages people like you from asking too many questions and means you might not get the depth and breadth of advice you need.
  • Your accountant may outsource your bookkeeping and mark up the cost so they made a profit. But we think bookkeeping is important enough to merit being treated as much more than just an ‘add-on’.
  • In the past your bookkeeper may have charged over the odds for what is essentially just a complex data entry job up to trial balance. Referring you to an expensive accountant for anything other than standard issues. With the introduction of new accounting software, bookkeeping has changed and bookkeepers can run draft accounts at the year end. These draft accounts can be passed to an accountant for review.

Because we do things differently, you get a much better all-round service

We do things differently, providing core bookkeeping services at a sensible hourly rate of £25 plus VAT while also helping you with more complex matters like your tax returns, assessments and VAT issues. Which means you get far better value for money as well as all the support you need from one place. If that sounds good, why not contact us and change things for the better?

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