Dividends (money) v Benefits in Kind

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What is the most efficient way for a director/shareholder to extract additional remuneration from a small or new company? Your company is doing well, and so you plan to increase what you take from it. The question is, what’s the most tax-efficient way to do it? Usually dividends are the best and most common option,

HMRC risk assessment comes out of the shadows

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Until recently the taxpaying public didn't know much about the shadowy processes and procedures HMRC used to assess risk. But not it's all coming out into the open, thanks to HMRC's 'benchmarking letters'. According to Guy Smith, a Tax Investigations Manager at Abbey Tax Protection, the benchmarking represents HMRC's latest tactic to improve voluntary compliance

What is bookkeeping… and why does it matter?

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Are you confused about the difference between bookkeeping and accounting? Here's how they're different, and why bookkeeping is so important. Supporting the accountant's role Bookkeeping is all about recording day-to-day financial transactions in an accurate and timely way, in support of the accounting process. It involves recording every financial transaction including purchases, sales, payments and