HMRC announces more than £96m in fraudulent or incorrect tax returns  

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According to the government, HMRC has 'intercepted' more than £96 million in 'fraudulent or incorrect' tax repayment claims thanks to their new system, which spotted over 17,000 unjustified tax repayment claims. They checked an awesome 3.4 million self-assessment tax returns in all, a third of the 10.39 million filed, examining both online and paper returns.

Bookkeeping in 3000BC – Fascinating token gestures

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You assumed the fine art of bookkeeping was a new thing, a child of the industrial revolution born of the consumer age? Not so. Humans have been keeping books for millennia, and according to a fascinating discovery from a recent archaeological dig in south east Turkey, they liked to keep things simple. How we did

Creative excuses for late tax returns!

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HMRC has just released this year's top ten chart of the worst excuses for missing the January 31st online tax return deadline. As you'd imagine, all of these failed to secure a successful appeal. If you're going to be late this year you'd better dream up something a lot better than this sad little lot,

EC proposes a ‘simpler, more robust’ VAT regime

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When the Single Market was born in '92, intra-EU trade and a real borderless union were supposed to sit at the heart of the VAT system. But politics and technology made it impossible to build a workable EU VAT system reflecting national tax practices for taxation at origin. The temporary system put in place at