Scammed? HMRC might chase you for tax anyway

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In the wake of the Panama papers leak, HMRC's treatment of a group of 209 scammed pensioners seems ironic in the extreme. The pension savers were unwittingly involved in a £12 million pension liberation scam so serious it lost everyone involved their money and ended up in the High Court. And HMRC is blaming the

HMRC clamps down on government IT VAT Claims

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Just when you thought HMRC were going to do the decent thing and simplify their tax systems and rules for the greater good, they bring out new, far more strict guidelines. It looks like government bodies who want to reclaim VAT back from the tax man for big IT buys will face stricter rules than

Great News – No quarterly self-assessment for SMEs!

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There was uproar when the government announced its making tax digital initiative, especially since it looked very much like self employed people would end upo having to fill in four tax returns a year, one every quarter. If you've ever had to complete a tax return you can understand people's dismay. It has long been

HMRC unpopular Business Record Checks stopped

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HMRC's extremely unpopular Business Records Checks initiative is set to be axed, and many in the tax industry are calling it a victory for common sense. Changes and improvements wouldn't work Changing BRC or even replacing it wouldn't have been sufficient, since many of the improvements it was supposed to bring about were tackled in

Is IR35 worth all the bother? 

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HMRC has been talking about how to make IR35 work for the last four years, since 2011. So their Budget announcement that they'd be 'starting a dialogue' on how to improve it was a bit of a surprise to many people. The IR35 Forum was set up in 2011 to “advise on improvements in the

Introducing HMRC’s new secure digital tax accounts

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What's new in the bookkeeping world? There's HMRC's new secure digital tax account initiative for a start, a development targeted at individual customers which is also designed to help employers. It's called the Personal Tax Account and it means all an individual's tax details are held in one place, making it much easier for people

Mesopotamia’s Bookkeeping Legends

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Who would have suspected that bookkeeping would be so fascinating? Apparently the planet's first  accountants were employed by the religious authorities in ancient Mesopotamia, an area that falls into modern Iraq, tasked with making sure the people paid their taxes – usually livestock and foodstuffs – to the religious leaders who oversaw tax matters. Way