HMRC unpopular Business Record Checks stopped

HMRC's extremely unpopular Business Records Checks initiative is set to be axed, and many in the tax industry are calling it a victory for common sense. Changes and improvements wouldn't work Changing BRC or even replacing it wouldn't have been sufficient, since many of the improvements it was supposed to bring about were tackled in

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Is IR35 worth all the bother? 

HMRC has been talking about how to make IR35 work for the last four years, since 2011. So their Budget announcement that they'd be 'starting a dialogue' on how to improve it was a bit of a surprise to many people. The IR35 Forum was set up in 2011 to “advise on improvements in the

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Introducing HMRC’s new secure digital tax accounts

What's new in the bookkeeping world? There's HMRC's new secure digital tax account initiative for a start, a development targeted at individual customers which is also designed to help employers. It's called the Personal Tax Account and it means all an individual's tax details are held in one place, making it much easier for people

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Mesopotamia’s Bookkeeping Legends

Who would have suspected that bookkeeping would be so fascinating? Apparently the planet's first  accountants were employed by the religious authorities in ancient Mesopotamia, an area that falls into modern Iraq, tasked with making sure the people paid their taxes – usually livestock and foodstuffs – to the religious leaders who oversaw tax matters. Way

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8 hot bookkeeping tips to ease the expenses burden

  As professional Brighton bookkeepers we know exactly how to organise ourselves before the fact, so the actual accounts bit goes as smoothly as possible. Here are our eight best tips for doing the sensible thing and staying ahead of the expenses curve. If these are still too much for you, throw in the towel

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Bookkeeping in 3000BC – Fascinating token gestures

You assumed the fine art of bookkeeping was a new thing, a child of the industrial revolution born of the consumer age? Not so. Humans have been keeping books for millennia, and according to a fascinating discovery from a recent archaeological dig in south east Turkey, they liked to keep things simple. How we did

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Want the best? Use a member of the Institute of Chartered Bookkeepers

Small businesses are the backbone of British society, with millions of us self-employed, either going solo or working as contractors, kicking off start-ups and running small limited companies. Together they generate vast amounts of revenue. Striving for new customers is probably your priority. The accounting side of the business may seem less important. And, we

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